The original owner of Park Victorian was Edmund Snowden who had the home built in 1874. 


Edmund was born in England in 1838, migrated to the US.  He lived in Iowa and Kansas prior to moving to Auburn.  Edmund was the town pharmacist and was also involved in some real estate development.  He married a Mrs. Jackson in 1871 and following her death, married Bertha E. Meyer.  He and Bertha had one daughter together, Frances Victoria.  Although records cannot verify that he built the house, newspaper articles and photos prove his early residency.  He also owned the building just down the hill that originally housed the Empire Hotel, Opera House, Civic Center and Armory (now known as Bootleggers Restaurant) as well as his pharmacy (now known as Mary Belles).  In 1905 there was a major fire in Oldtown Auburn and he suffered major losses.  Fortunately the Park Victorian was spared from the fire.“Snowden Hill” was also the site of the first Methodist Church gathering and a stone emblem memorializing this meeting still stands on the property. In November of 2016, Kelly Cunningham and Sam Hales purchased Park Victorian.  Intense renovation on the property started almost immediately.  Park Victorian has now been restored to its original grandeur. 

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